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FireSteel.com FireSteel
     A few days back a buddy at work was showing me a few videos from the FireSteel.com website.  I was pretty impressed and thought I'd have to pick up one of their products in the near future.  Then a few days later he tossed one on my desk.  I immediately started playing with it showering sparks all over my desk.  I was stoked!  Upon arrival at home I told the kids to gather some sticks and such in the fire pit.  Mom left to a friends house so the party was on! As you can see in the video below the firesteel works quite well.  The grass that I was using wasn't completely dry and there was even a hint of green in there.  I am very impressed at how well the firesteel works and it is now part of my daily carry gear.
Battle Arms Development Safety BAD-CASS-SA

Coming Soon.....

Battle Arms Development AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety BAD-CAS-SA

 Battle Arms Development BAD-CAS-SA

Glock 21 Torture Test

ThePrepared Gear Review: Glock 21 .45acp (Performed by Bigbore of Adco Firearms)

For almost 10 years I’ve been abusing and neglecting my Glock 21. Its been a running joke among some friends and I. Nothing was planned or documented. As I tell people what it has been through, most simply don’t believe me. I guess I wouldn’t either. If someone told you their Glock has at least 150K rounds through it and has gone almost 15K rounds with no cleaning or maintenance would you believe them?